Multi-material bonding is often a significant obstacle to designers, engineering and manufacturing professionals a-like.

Our 3M™ range of tapes and adhesives have been specially developed to simplify traditionally challenging issues, including multi-material bonding and hard to bond surfaces.

Our 3M™ VHB GPH (general purpose high temperature) range was produced with this in mind and to be able to solve the challenges of multi-material bonding.

The 3M™ GPH series is able to bond a wide range of substrates. Its acrylic construction, bonds effectively to materials including –

Glass, metal, some plastics, composites and sealed wood.

The distinct benefit to using 3M™ VHB GPH is that it is able to provide one tape for many applications. It also offers other benefits such as its high temperature resistance, conformable foam and high initial tackiness.

More and more industry professionals are relying on the use of these adhesive tapes to reduce costs and for light weighting purposes in production and assembly. They are quickly replacing more traditional mechanical fastening methods. To find out more, read our article - Can 3M™ VHB™ GPH Tape Really Replace Mechanical Fastening?

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