3M™ Aerosol Spray Adhesives

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3M™ Spray Adhesives

3M™ spray adhesives are suitable for bonding a vast amount of lightweight materials. They are an excellent bonding solution for both small and large projects. Our range includes - the 3M Spray 74 which is ideal for fabric and foam, the popular 3M Spray 77 multipurpose spray adhesive used mostly with papers, cloths and polystyrene, the 3M Spray 75 used widely for temporary holding and the hi-strength 3M 90 spray adhesive.
Most of our 3M™ spray adhesive range have a controlled spray pattern to minimise overspray and clean up.

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  • 3M™ Spray 74 Adhesive - 500ml Can

    3M spray adhesives  specially formulated for bonding flexible urethane or latex foam to themselves and most other materials It has a non misting lace spray pattern. The defined edge of the lace spray pattern permits accurate and economical application The adhesive develops tack very quickly allowing faster assembly of parts 5 second to 10 minute...

    £ 13.32
  • 3M™ Spray 75 Spraymount Adhesive 500ml Can

    3M spray adhesive is a pressure sensitive aerosol adhesive suitable for temporary holding or positioning of lightweight materials for display, or prior to final assembly 3M adhesive 75 when sprayed on one surface has a bonding range from 5 seconds to several hours Its low peel strength allows for even lightweight materials or tissues to be lifted and...

    £ 13.20
  • 3M™ Spray 77 Adhesive - 500ml Can

    The Spray 77 from 3M™ is a Scotch-weld multipurpose spray adhesive.This popular 3M™ Spray adhesive is fast drying, used for permanently attaching many lightweight substrates to painted/ unpainted metals, wood, hardboard & other base materials (see more info tab).Used for many varying applications such as crafts, general decorating, mounting &...

    £ 14.74
  • 3M™ Spray 90 Hi-Strength Adhesive-500ml Can

    The 3M™ Hi-Strength Spray 90 adhesive is designed for a variety of applications requiring a high initial strength bond. The bond is often comparable to that of a brush applied contact adhesive and has strong resistance to water and long-term aging.The industrial grade formula of the Spray 90 is easy to dispense and apply directly to surfaces.Units per...

    £ 14.82
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