In the past, banner finishing has required equipment such as sewing machines, welding machines and grommet machines. However, it’s no secret that the use of banner tapes has become increasingly popular throughout the sign industry.


But why are these tapes becoming so popular?

Whilst the technical benefits of using a banner tape such as the tesa 51966, speak for themselves, the benefits to businesses from an operational perspective are what truly makes tape a strong alternative to other more traditional finishing techniques.


Stronger, faster, easier – saving valuable time and money

The application of these double-sided tapes is quick and easy. They require very minimal preparation, and next to no equipment for application and clearance & waste are extremely low. Unlike other finishing methods, banner material wastage is kept to a minimum because if mistakes are made, unlike sewing and welding it isn’t likely to ruin the final artwork. The tape is simply removed and re-applied.


So, what are the technical features and benefits of banner tape?

Our banner tapes are made of super strong film coated both sides with a very high tack, permanent acrylic adhesive. Using banner tapes will eliminate the potential of damage to the image as well as providing a completely invisible join.

Banner tapes, such as the tesa 51966 ensure a perfect reinforced edge whilst creating a tough, thin and weather resistant bond. This tape enables immediate adhesion and are suitable for long-term applications. Their strength, durability and reliability are what makes it so popular with the signage industry.

It is also much easier to achieve a sharp and defined edge using banner tape, reducing unsightly ripples etc. in the finished product.

Finally, the tesa 51966 tape in particular is resistant to UV light, chemicals, plasticisers (softeners) and humidity. This makes it a suitable fit for the most testing indoor and outdoor applications.

tesa 51966

You can view the tesa® 51966 Red Liner Banner Tape here.

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