Cloth Tape has numerous uses, and can be utilised for many tasks in and around the home, and also in a business - for instance packing up boxes, fixing elements inside of the home and even used by those who are talented at arts and crafts and other similar projects.  This kind of tape is great for binding any sort of materials and does a great job of doing so, for instance the 3m 1900 Cloth Tape is great for masking, marking, light duty sealing, and holding and bundling items together, and even though its so strong and resilient it can still easily be torn by hand, to ensure you can work quickly with it.

For those who need something a little bit stronger, the Tesa Heavy Duty Cloth Tape performs admirably.

Cloth tape has been proven to be more durable over time, and this allows you to make the absolute most out of it whenever you need to do some work. Regardless of what kind of repair you need to make, this kind of tape will take care of most jobs with ease.

Most of these tapes are also water resistant which allows you to put it in places in which moisture might be an issue, without having to worry.

If you have a job that needs doing that you think cloth tape might be good for, but are unsure of which one to go for, take a look at our full range, we have a good description for each type of tape, which will help in your decision making, take a look here: