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There are many options open to sign professionals when it comes to hemming the edges of vinyl banners.  These include – welding, sewing, using tape or glue.  

These days sewing and welding aren’t used as widely as they once were. So, as using tape becomes more and more popular with sign makers, why are professionals choosing tape over more traditional hemming methods or even outsourcing?

Why are Banner Tapes for Hemming So Popular?

The technique of using tapes to hem is pretty straight forward and inexpensive. Unlike other methods, very minimal equipment is required and there is very little preparation and clean up needed.

Some of the main features and benefits of banner tapes (such as the tesa 51966 banner tape) include -

  • Being able to withstand temperatures of up to 130°c
  • Having excellent aging characteristics
  • Providing a cleaner appearance and finish
  • Being able to eliminate the risk of damage to the image from post print sewing

How to Apply Banner Tapes to Vinyl Banners

Sometimes it can be tricky at first to get the edge straight. To achieve the best results of a nice clean edge the following method allows for great results.

Banner Hemming with tesa Tapes

  1. Lay banner down flat on a large table or bench
  2. Use a steel rule to mark the edge (this will help to achieve a clean straight edge)
  3. Apply the tape across the line
  4. Carefully remove the liner from the tape
  5. Fold over the material
  6. Use a hard rubber roller to press the material together firmly. This will eliminate any air bubbles/ pocket.

The tesa 51966 Banner Tape

tesa® 51966 is a double-sided transparent tape with a polyester carrier and red MOPP liner. It has a cross linked and permanent tackified acrylic adhesive, ideal for banner hemming as it provides a near invisible bond line and bonds plastic such as PC (polycarbonate) and PET (polyester).

Key benefits include:-
•Fastest tape to apply
• Cost-effective
• No heat involved (will not damage banner image)
• Ideal for short or long runs
• Offers very good resistance to plasticisers
• Excellent initial tack and high adhesion
• Provides high shear for excellent holding power
• Temperature resistant from -20˚C to + 130˚
• High coat weight

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