Double sided tape may not be as well-known as the more standard Scotch or masking tape but the uses for a good double sided cloth tape cannot be underestimated, and in fact, due to its unique properties, there are actually many ways in which it can be used to help in nearly every aspect of your home or life.

Let’s start off with getting to know double sided tape. It is often a tissue type or polyester and polypropylene tape that has adhesives on both sides designed to join two surfaces when pressed together. Now that that is out of the way, what are some of its applications?


Double sided tape can be used in a huge variety of arts and crafts. Let’s start off with some the more common uses, and then get to the more creative.  This tape can of course be useful for gift wrapping. Depending on the number of friends you have and the number of holidays, anniversaries, or other special occasions you observe, you may do a bit a wrapping over the year and using this tape can make it faster and neater than other methods.

What is really nice in using double sided tape for giftwrapping is that with the same tape you close the box with, you can also hold down the wrapping paper. This is nice as it reduces the amount of tape you use and thus helps to reduce waste.

Another crafts aspect of this versatile tape can be scrapbooking or albums. If you are on a school album-making group or a scrapbooking club or even just a hobbyist, you may already be aware of the uses the tape offers to your project.

Instead of applying tape on top of pictures or cutouts, or worse trying to roll cellotape in such a way to try and make it like double sided tape, it can be used to make for a neat and professional looking project.

A really fun thing that can be done with double sided tape is to wrap it around an item like a pole, or a costume, or anything you want decorated and then add glitter! The tape sticks to whatever it was applied to and the glitter of choice sticks to the other side. This can add a beautiful shimmering strip to candles, cloths, or sets.

Stairs & Carpets:

This is where double sided tape really comes into its own, its uses extend far beyond arts and crafts into the practical and safe. Used by many Carpet fitters to ensure the carpet stays in place, and also to reduce the chance of slipping and falling down stairs, especially if the stairs are hard wood or other potentially slick surfaces.

The use of this tape can be a major safety feature. Taking non-slip mats and treads and using double sided tape to apply them to the stairs can be a huge improvement in your home’s safety.

This little tip is all the more important if you have an elderly friend or family member who needs to navigate the stairs.


We are not done with the home yet though, as ds tape makes its debut in picture hanging! Many people, especially renters, have an aversion to putting holes in their walls. Whether it be it with nails, tacks, staples, or other items, holes in the wall are something most of us try to avoid regardless of their size. So what can you do if you want to hang up your picture at home or work but not hurt your walls?  This tape comes to the rescue. With a simple application of the tape, you can hang a wide variety of size and weight pictures on the wall.

There are two big advantages to this, the first one being no holes as stated above. The other far more important aspect is that if you apply the tape to the picture frame and not the wall, if you decide you want to move the picture up or place it somewhere else entirely, you do not have to take the tape off the wall or punch a new hole on the wall to put it where you like.

You can move, remove, and place the picture anywhere on your wall and press firmly to stick. One thing to be mindful of is this only works on a hard, smooth surface like hardwood or tile. If you have wallpaper or certain kinds of paint that tend to peel this may not be the answer for you.


From crafts, to home, to business, to wardrobe, double sided tape is your best friend. Used by actors, models, and women in everyday attire, this tape is a great way to make your clothes stay and look the way you like.

This is important if you have a collar that won’t stay down or perhaps a dress that keeps riding too low, its is a great way to keep clothes in place without any wardrobe malfunctions.  

It’s also useful for keeping your belt strap where you like.

Thankfully it can be applied safely to your skin, so if you have clothes that may want to sink too low or bunch up, you can tape them right to where you want them to be.

Where to buy?

This is only a small sample of all the things that can be done with double sided tape but you may be wondering, “Where can I get it?” It is not as common as other kinds of tape but it is still fairly available. One of the best places to pick up this tape at a good price is from First Stop Packaging. 

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