The 3M Scotch Weld EPX structural adhesives range is widely used in product assembly were high mechanical & environmental performance is required.

One popular application is the bonding of golf club heads to their shafts. In theory, this sounds like a simple, straight-forward application but an all too important one to get right, using the incorrect adhesive will inevitably mean failure of the adhesive bond, causing the golf club head to fall off.

As the joint is small, the stress to this area is extremely high therefore this application calls for more than your standard adhesive. Opting for a toughened acrylic adhesive can avoid a rigid, brittle bond with poor impact resistance.

Our 3M Scotch Weld DP810 is often a popular choice. What makes this adhesive so attractive for such applications is its excellent impact resistance and durability. As well as being able to quickly bond most metals, plastics and woods with minimal surface preparation.

There are other significant advantages such as:

-  10 minute work-life

- Fast  20 minute time to handling strength

- Ability to achieve a tough and reliable bond

- Low odour

- Excellent environmental resistance

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