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18Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive DP8005DP8005 DatasheetDec 5, 2017PDFDownload
17tesa Banner Tapes BrochureOverview of tesa banner hemming tapes.Nov 15, 2017PDFDownload
16tesa Banner Tapes Datasheettesa 51966 banner tape datasheetOct 20, 2017PDFDownload
153M™ DP490 Epoxy Adhesive - Data Sheet3M™ DP490 Structural Adhesive Data SheetOct 2, 2017PDFDownload
143M VHB Data SheetVHB Tape Data sheetSep 29, 2017PDFDownload
133M Structural Adhesives BrochureOverview of 3M Structural AdhesivesSep 27, 2017PDFDownload
113M Spray 75 Data Sheet3M Spray 75 full data sheetSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
93M Spray 77 Adhesive - Data Sheet3M Spray 77 Adhesive full data sheetSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
103M Spray 74 Data Sheet3M Spray 74 full data sheetSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
8VHB GPH Series Data Sheet3M™ VHB™ GPH Series, a general purpose, high temperature, grey conformable double coated acrylic foam tape with a high initial tack and a soft foam. Full data sheetSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
73M EPX Adhesives BrochureFull overview of the EPX rangeSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
5Sealed AirAirCap Bubble Wrap Overview BrochureSep 19, 2017PNGDownload
3Metal FabricationAssortment Overview of tesa tapesSep 19, 2017PDFDownload
63M Powder Coating BrochureMasking and Bonding Powder. Coating Solutions.Sep 19, 2017PDFDownload
23M™ VHB™ Tape GPH SeriesTake on the most demanding high temperature applications with the new 3M™ VHB™ Tape GPH series.Aug 4, 2017PDFDownload
13M™ VHB™ TapesGPH series – General Purpose High TemperatureAug 4, 2017PDFDownload

IdFile nameDescriptionDateTypeDwonload
12VHB GPH InfographicSimple infographic on the new VHB GPH SeriesSep 19, 2017JPGDownload
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