With our range of 3M™ spray adhesives you can select from a number of performance and application characteristics suited to a range of different jobs.

To help you quickly select the right spray adhesive for the job, we have put together a simple overview chart including the spray adhesives that we currently stock.

Spray Adhesives

Here is our quick overview chart with links to data sheets and products available to order on our website.

If you have any further questions regarding our spray adhesives, give our team a shout at - enquiries@firststoppackaging.co.uk or by calling - 0844 4438 389.




Data Sheet

Scotch-Weld Spray 74 500ml Ideal for bonding fabric and foamSpray 74
Scotch-Weld Spray 75 500mlOften used for temporary holding of light weight materials (Spray Mount)Spray 75
Scotch-Weld Spray 77 500ml Multi purpose spray adhesive for substrates such as cloth, paper, card and polystyreneSpray 77
Scotch-Weld Spray 90 500ml High strength adhesive used for long-term bonding. Good resistance against ageing and water. Improved performance on polyethylene and polypropylene.Spray 90