There are many kinds of tapes in the world and each of them is designed for a purpose. Some can be used across a variety of mediums and some are very specialized at what they do. Such is true of Gaffer Tape.

Many people presume duct tape to be the final say on taping items or affixing them temporarily to the floor but they would be making a mistake as there is a reason the pros use gaffer over duct tape in some instances.

What is gaffer tape?

One question that comes to mind is what is gaffer tape or as its sometimes called Gaffa Tape? Although the exact meaning and origin of its name are a bit of a mystery, what is well understood is the unique properties that make the tape ideal for so many professionals in music, art, construction, or anywhere that has cords or wires. Gaffer tape is a fabric-based cloth tape, which makes it different from ones that are plastic like electrical tape or vinyl like duct tape.

The actual glue is rubber-based which means that gaffer tape can stand a much higher degree of heat before beginning to lose its adhesive effects. This is a very important quality if you want a kind of tape that will stick in warmer or more humid climates than other tapes are good for.

It also has other unique properties that make it a great contrast to duct tape.  One is that is it does not leave a residue.

If you have ever worked with duct tape, especially old duct tape, you are well aware that not all the glue stays on the tape. Some of it is peeled off and left on the carpet, floor, wall, or wherever it was applied. This can cause problems, not the least of which is it looks bad to have a long trail of sticky residue but also you have to deal with the fact the residue gathers dirt and as it dries and hardens it becomes not only unsightly but also very difficult to clean.

What is gaffer tape used for?

Anywhere where temporary adhesion is required, gaffer tape is there. Although designed and used extensively by media like musicians, television, movies, and radio, gaffer tape is very practical for anyone needing to tape things down for temporary use. 

Due to its heat resistant properties, gaffer tape can be used for taping cords or wires together in warm areas. It is also used for taping down cords to the floor so that people do not snag a foot and trip on them as well as being used to hide cords.

How does gaffer tape hide cords? In most places where they are present, indoors cords are unsightly, especially as many come in various shades of neon orange or yellow. This kind of tape provides an economical and simple solution to covering them up. and can be taped over a cord to conceal it but it is still easily removed both from the cord and the floor when you are done.

The tape also makes regular debuts at theater and movie sets when gaffer cloth tape is used for standing cues or providing clues where to move. This is not its only theater value though, as this sort of tape is regularly used to keep props taped down when a stage piece or set will move.

Gaffer tape can also be applied to the bottom of mixing boards to label the selections and unlike other tapes, can be easily peeled off and swapped without leaving a trace. It is also a media industry favorite due to its strength and ability to provide a temporary fix to a prop or equipment on stage.

You need not be working in Hollywood, the theater, or media to make use of this tape, though! Taping up bundles of cords can occur at any time. It is also very useful to taping your Christmas lights in place instead of using nails or a staple gun to put them up, since gaffer tape can be used to hold up your lights without putting holes in your walls. When you’re done and ready to store the lights, it can be used to tape the lights into proper bundles so next year they are not a knotted mass.

Many teachers also make regular use of this great tape for projects with their classes such as outlining items on a floor, or placing cues for events or taping off off-limits areas.  Even playing games like hop-scotch can be done with the easy use, easy tear, easy clean cloth gaffer tape.

Is that all? By no means!

Even churches, businesses, and others places can make use of gaffer tape. Any place where wires need to be affixed to a podium for speaking, any place where one needs to give cues like at a graduation, this amazing tape can save the day!

Where can you get gaffers tape?

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