3M™ DP8805NS Acrylic Adhesive Expand

3M™ DP8805NS Scotch-Weld™ Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive - 45ml Tube

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3M™ DP8805NS Low odour high performance acrylic adhesive
  • The DP8805NS adhesive has excellent shear, peel & impact performance
  • Improved adhesion to many plastics & metals including oily surfaces
  • 45ml tube
Please note you will need to purchase a new 10 to 1 plunger applicable to this adhesive.       
Unit per 1 tube 

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£ 20.95

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3M™ DP8805NS Scotch-Weld™ Low Odour Acrylic Adhesives are high performance, two-part acrylic adhesives with lower odor than most acrylic adhesives.

These toughened products offer excellent shear, peel, and impact performance.

They provide improved adhesion to many plastics and metals, including those with slightly oily surfaces.

Popular applications of the DP8805NS include -

- Panel to frame bonding
- Trim attachment
- Letter bonding
- Seam sealing
- Frame assembly

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
- Stiffener to panel
- Side wall attachment

Transportation/ Automotive 
- Metal skin to metal frame 
-  Composite cab assembly 
- Frame assembly 
- Floor panel bonding
- Exterior panel bonding
- Roof bonding
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