Advanced Tape Glider (ATG)

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2016-08-16 18:50:02

Tired of tape that sticks to itself when you’re trying to use it? Or you simply want to be able to apply tape faster for your business or volunteer work? Well First Stop Packaging’s Advanced Tape Glider, or ATG as its also known is the answer to more problems than you knew you had.

How many times have we begun to unroll a roll of tape only to have it get stuck to us, itself, and/or the wrong part of the paper, and for the life of you it seems to want to go everywhere but the place you intend for it? This is especially true when using tapes outside. However, there is an elegant solution to the problems faced by those using double sided tape and that is the ATG Applicator. This product is a simple design that allows for rolls of double sided tape to be installed and dispensed using the applicator gun.

ATG Applicator

Anyone familiar with double sided tape knows how frustrating it can be since there is no surface you can touch without becoming stuck yourself and the more you get your finger prints on the tape, the less well it sticks to its intended target. This is why the ATG is super important to everyday work for those who use double sided tape.

Is an ATG gun really easier to use than not having one?

The short answer is yes. If you work in a business that uses a lot of double sided tape, perhaps in art, decorations, parties, schools, or shipping than the ATG is a godsend as it can increase your productivity significantly as well as removing the waste as it goes. Here’s how: without an ATG you will have to carefully unroll the tape making sure not to get stuck. Apply one side to the area you intend to use it making sure it is straight and without creases or folds. This is important not only because the folds or creases can reduce the sticking surface area but also because it can make for an uneven finished project. If you are merely using the tape to add macaroni to a plate for a school project it may not matter so much but if you are in a field where both speed and precision matter like gift wrapping or perhaps you are a professional scrapbooker or art designer, then these little imperfections can add up and produce a shoddy look to an otherwise perfect product.

Once you have gotten your tape straight, level, and free of wrinkles or creases, you need to take off the plastic backing that keeps double sided tape from sticking to itself. This needs to be done carefully because if your tape is not put down securely, you can pull up a bit when you remove the plastic film from the back. Now and only now are you free to apply the other item or items you would like stuck to the other side.  However, you are not done! You still have that film to deal with and dispose of along with any extra double sided tape you had to fix.

Now let us contrast that compared to using the ATG. With this tool, you merely start at one end of the box or craft and drag along the tape gun until you reach where you wish to stop. Tear it off and you’re done. No creases or wrinkles and no over use.  Another big win is that the First Stop Shipping ATG models also automatically reel up the spent film so you do not have to throw it out until you’re done with the whole roll of tape!

Can an Advanced Tape Glider make me more profitable?

The answer is a resounding yes. An ATG can make you more profitable in two ways. One is by saving time; the other is by reducing waste. Let’s start with the first.  As mentioned above about its ease of use and application, anything easy to use is also often faster to use. Where a person may take a minute or so to tape a box or a product without it, with the ATG it can be done in half that time. Think about those seconds spent lining it up, those seconds spent getting it stuck in the wrong place and having to peel it back off, and those seconds spent trimming excess and throwing away the spent film on the back. All of these small seconds can add up to many minutes in an industry that uses this tape a lot. Let’s say that all these seconds add up to just five minutes of wasted time per day, what is the real cost?

If you pay the minimum living wage in London which is £9.15 an hour then 5 minutes of that would be £0.76 a day in wasted time. Multiply that by a single worker over the course of a work year and the cost comes up just shy of £200. Now take that number and multiply it by the amount of people using the tape on a regular basis and you can see how swiftly these small seconds add up over time. Add to this number the amount of tape wasted by getting misapplied, stuck to itself, or applied to the worker and the cost will likely be over £200 per person per year.

What to do?

The answer is simple: if you want to increase performance, accuracy, speed, and quality of the work getting done, then an ATG is an ideal way of increasing all these factors for a very minor investment. As mentioned earlier, one of the best places around to get a high quality ATG gun is from First Stop Packaging.

We not only sell them but have a variety of different kinds for any project you may need.  Choose from wide or narrow, and then pick up all the tape for the different models they carry. If you use double sided tape in your work, industry, or leisure time, then stop the waste and invest in an ATG dispenser from First Stop Packaging. - Click Here to take a look.

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