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VHB tapes

Our range of 3M VHB tapes provide exceptionally good performance, as the name suggests they are Very High Bond.

Bond and seal metal, plastic and glass assemblies with ease. The 3M VHB offers a strong alternative to mechanical fasteners and adhesives.

The new generation of 3M™ VHB™ Tape, the 3M GPH series solves the challenges of temperature resistance, and multi material bonding. Its unmatched combination of ease, reliability, and strength helps improve design construction, aesthetics, productivity, and gives you the freedom to innovate the industrial projects of the future. It has the ability to bond a wide range of substrates including those that have a high or medium surface energy such as metals and plastics.

Key Features of 3M GPH Tape:

• Double coated acrylic foam tape
• 100% closed cell acrylic foam
• High temperature performance (short term 230° C)
• High temperature and peel & shear performance
• Good sealing properties
• High initial tack
• For indoor and outdoor applications


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