3M™ GPH-110GF (1.1mm) VHB™ Tape

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  • 3M GPH-110GF VHB tape.
  • 1.1mm thick.
  • High temprature resistance (up to 230 C).
  • Multi material bonding of substrates like metal, glass ABS plastics, rigid PVC and polycarbonate. 
  • High tack for initial handling strength.
  • Units per 1 roll

More details

3M VHB GPH series is a high temperature performance, grey conformable double coated acrylic foam tape with a high initial tack and a soft foam.

The 3M GPH is often used for applications in metal fabrication, signage and display, white goods and specialty vehicles. This is because of its capability to bond to a range of substrates, making it a good fit for multi material bonding. This includes those substrates that have a high or medium surface energy such as many metals (e.g. stainless steel) and plastics (e.g. Polyamide, PMMA, ABS).

Find out more in the 3M GPH introduction video here -


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